Author: Brofist

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. Between moving, changing jobs, and trying to get some hobby time life has just been in the way. ...

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Quickie: Chipping tests

Around Christmas I flew home to Washington State, army in tow, and participated in some old skool 30k in 40k action. I played two of my good friends, ...

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Batrep: 3 way free-for-all

Coming straight off my Rhino project, I wanted to model up my favorite 40k vehicle: The Vindicator. Nothing really encapsulates the setting better tha...

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WIP: BIG Momma Vindicators

After spending a man month on my first squad, I needed a change of pace. Having recently purchased and airbrush, I thought I’d try my hand at pa...

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Gallery: Iron Warriors Rhino


In hindsight, I got into the hobby in an ass backwards kind of way. Looking back at where I started, it’s crazy to see how far I’ve come a...

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Rambling: My Beginnings