My latest project is one that I’ve wanted to do for while: a 20 person breacher squad. Ever since I saw that first amazing model on FW’s blog, I knew I had to add some to my army:

The archaic looking shields, combined with the MKIII armor, is just perfect for a siege styled army. Ontop of that, I already knew it would look great with my style thanks to plenty of inspiration on how to model legionaries with shields from other amazing warhams. I was excited, but was almost immediately put off by the amount of work required. I had to spend more than two days cleaning the damn things. Seriously, this level of quality control is not acceptable. Not to mention that the older sculpts which I used before were cleaner and easier to work with. Look at this mess. I did this twice over:

My project settled on a squad of 20 in addition to two standard barres and a 3 random bolter dudes to fill up my initial 20 man Legionary Squad. This would make a solid core since I could run the breachers as regular marines (breachers are, sadly, not worth their points in 30k). Here they are after a zenithal prime:

The project also needed some appropriate looking standards. I spent a long time figuring out what would work for my ‘Chaos Roman Legion’ motif. I used lots of references.

When I combined all those ideas, this is what I came up with. All in all, I think it ended up pretty cool:

I also entered this project into Bolter & Chainsword’s Casual 30K Hobby Challenge for the month of November. I ended up winning it as the Warmaster’s Champion for that month, which was really humbling. There are some amazing painters on that site and to be in a group with them was unexpected.

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