I was never into 40K because I couldn’t play a Legion. If HH models and rules were never made, I’d never have returned. I write this with hindsight- I’m actually posting this a year after what the date says. Why? Because I need to explain why somebody who started a Warhammer 40k blog ended up with a mostly Warhammer 30k blog.

The bottom line: I’ve always been drawn to the Chaos Legions. Not because they’re evil, have spikes, get the hot babes, or do drugs with daemons. No. I like them because they’re Legions. I mean, badass motherfuckers like this guy:


This organized, higher tech, lost relic thing really appeals to me. So when I bought my first chaos codex it wasn’t the villains or tentacle arms that I enjoyed reading about- it was about the space legions. I wanted to play as them against armies that had degraded after 10,000 years of stagnation. That’s why I never got into 40K- I could never play the army I wanted and the one time that I did, back in Chaos 3.5 edition, the codex was eventually updated and removed all my options.

I started this blog while working on an army I hoped would become a Chaos Legion. I did this when there was no 30k, which meant I was going to do my best to do it from scratch. The difficulty of converting absolutely everything, in addition to struggling with Games Workshop’s codex re-writing, would have realistically kept me out of the game forever. Then Forgeworld dropped the Horus Heresy bombshell. Suddenly there was an alternative- models and rules for exactly the army I always wanted.

That was about 3 years ago. Back then, Forgeworld was not commonplace in regular games. My plan evolved from ‘do it yourself’ to ‘make something you can use in both settings, because most people won’t want to play against forgeworld’. Over the last few years, however, it’s became widely accepted. Instead of having to make a cross compatible army, I’ve just thrown my lot entirely with Team Forgeworld.

That’s the story of this army. I was always chasing something that never existed so I never got into the flagship product. Now that I can play what I want and everyone around me is entirely cool with it, well then, I can finally have a miniature army :)

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