Around Christmas I flew home to Washington State, army in tow, and participated in some old skool 30k in 40k action. I played two of my good friends, Panascope (Necrons) and Stanyer69 (Dark Angels). At this point my breachers were 95% done, but I hadn’t had time to bring them up to 100% and take pictures. Despite that, it didn’t keep me from using them in the game.

Deployment was your choice of one of the 4 corners of the board. We played our favorite house ruled free-for-all game- a single objective in the middle of the table which your HQ has to be within 18″ of by the end of the second turn. If your HQ dies or is more than 18″ away from the objective after the second turn, you loose. This keeps everyone 100% committed to a dogpile in the middle of the board. Here’s the table:

The Iron Warrior deployment. I played using Iron Hand legion rules and took and allied deatchment of Admech. That dreadnought is another Castellax, those weird artillery pieces are all thuddguns, and I ran my vindicators as medusas. Classic gun line with lots of proxies because I paint slower than GW writes FAQ updates :)

The view from Stanyer69’s deployment. He brought a knight titan ally and had some super killy HQs inside a landraider. Also lots of deepstrikers.

The view from Panascope’s Necron deployment zone. The daemon prince is CTan shard formation he always wanted to try out. Besides that, classic necrons.

I had second turn and shelled Panascope with all my artillery. I wounded the CTan shard, but it wasn’t enough to put it down. Luckily I brought some Castellax to receive the charge and protect my artillery line.

Stanyer moved up aggressively with his knight and landraider, getting into a big furrball with Pansacope. The knight was his HQ.

This is what I had to deal with.

So I put my Castellax front and centre before charging them in. My HQ was the obliterator in the tactical blob near the big ruined building. I was wary of Stanyer’s knight titan, so I moved my rhino forward in the hopes it would block his charge.

Panascope exploded Stanyer’s landraider and the guys inside had to deal with a turn of Necron shooting.

Another shot from Panascope’s deployment zone.

The charge went down:

As did the Dark Angel/Necron furball:

Stanyer’s knight took a glance or two from my shooting and failed to charge my blob.

Necron reinforcements came on at the top of turn 3. The castellax and C’Tan melee ended up a grind with my robots slowly taking wounds, but not going down.

Stanyer deep striked some death company and got ready to charge my legionary blob. After using fury of the legion and my rhino, not many made it into combat.

The Necron/Dark angel furball slowly resolved in a Necron victory.

Panascope dropped in some deepstrikers for linebreaker and rear armored shots on my ‘Medusa’ squadron.

The melees continued at this point. My thudd guns blasted the necron deep strikers into bits and my 20 man legionary squad slowly beat back the death company with the help of a fresh squad from the rhino.

Panascope ended up destroying Stanyer’s knight titan and whittling down the rest of his terminators. At the end of turn 4 we called the game.

With Stanyer out, Panascope took 1st thanks to line breaker and slay the warlord. I got no points, but still had an HQ within range of the objective. Stanyer69 took 3rd. We all had a blast and I’m happy to game with such chill dudes (who talk lots of trash while they play and drink lots of beer).

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