For a few years I’ve been always saying the same thing: “sorry for these cell phone pics, they really don’t do my models justice.” Today, armed with a DSLR and properly configured photo booth, I can show exactly the difference that it’s made in the presentation of my models. Here are some Legionaries shot in a photo booth setup for a digital camera and then with a DSLR:

Neither image has had any post-processing done outside of adjusting the light levels and temperature to reflect real life. There’s already a noticeable difference, but it gets even more pronounced for vehicles:

Instead of my whites being blown out and pigments making everything seem brown, the actual depth of color is there. My Rhino looks grey when I took it with a cell phone camera. It looks metallic blue with a DSLR. Check out what happened to my vindicators:

My DSLR basically transmogrified my models into what they actually were. When you spend hundreds of man hours on a little plastic doll, you damn well WANT the detail to be seen!

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